SciDAVis has been started as a fork off of QtiPlot with the aim of introducing some changes in design and establishing an open and friendly community. The versions labelled SciDAVis 0.1.0 to 0.1.4 are still very close to QtiPlot 0.9.×. But many new features and a revision of existing ones have been introduced in release 0.2.0. This is especially true for tables and matrices which have internally been rewritten almost completely.

At some time in 2008, the developer teams of LabPlot and SciDAVis found their project goals to be very similar (and since LabPlot 2.x is based on the same library as SciDAVis, i.e., Qt4.x) decided to start a close cooperation. The current plans are to use a common backend with two frontends, one with full KDE4 integration (called LabPlot 2.x) and one with no KDE dependencies (pure Qt so to say) for easier cross-platform use (called SciDAVis). This promises a faster development speed for both projects while focussing on slightly different audiences. From the user's point of view, there will still be two different applications.

At the time of writing, SciDAVis is completely independent of LabPlot, whether the collaboration mentioned in the previous paragraph will ever happen is a moot point.

By 2011, the original development team had moved on to other things, and development of SciDAVis stalled. Stewardship of SciDAVis has passed over to Russell Standish, aka High Performance Coder, an experienced SourceForge project manager. The immediate plan is to focus on bug fixes reported in the SourceForge ticket system, and creating regression tests, whilst the new development team get up to speed with the code base. Russell uses the Aegis source code repository system for managing the releases, so this has meant bumping the version number to 1. Releases within a version number are denoted by the delta number assigned to the code when it is successfully committed to Aegis. At the time of writing the current version is 1.D4, and the plans are for roughly 6 monthly releases, unless a critical bug is found and fixed to bring the release forward, or no development activity has taken place since the last release.

Russell Standish 2017-04-06