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What can you find here?

This page aims to give you an overview of where you can find help on using SciDAVis. It does not contain help related to contributing to or developing SciDAVis, which is here.

Short Introduction to SciDAVis

Fellype do Nascimento has written a ``Brief Introduction to SciDAVis''. This is only available in Brazilian Portuguese for now: Breve Introdução ao SciDAVis

The user's manual

An online version of the SciDAVis manual can be found here.

The help forum

No manual can possibly answer all your questions. Maybe you can't find the right section to look for your problem in the manual or something doesn't work like you'd expect it to but you're not 100% sure it's a bug. For these cases, the Help & Tips forum was established. Here, users can help each other with their problems. Since we're using SciDAVis too, you can expect us to drop by now and then. :-)

The user's mailing list

Some people prefer using email for discussions, so we're offering a user's mailing list where you can ask questions, share your insights and just discuss anything related to using SciDAVis. By subscribing to this list, you also get the chance to learn from other people's questions and discussions.

Tutorials and example projects

In the future, we hope we can present you a list of user contributed tutorials, useful scripts, and example projects here.

Russell Standish 2017-04-06