The File Toolbar

The File Toolbar allows to access commands mainly from the File menu. Refer to this section for a more complete description of these commands.

Figure 4-2. The SciDAVis File Toolbar

Table 4-2. File toolbar commands.

New -> New Project commandCtrl-NCreate a new project.
New -> New Table commandCtrl-TCreate a new table.
New -> New Matrix command Create a new matrix.
New -> New Note command Create a new note window.
New -> New Graph commandCtrl-GCreate a new empty 2D plot.
New -> New Function Plot commandCtrl-FCreates a new plot based on a function Y=f(X).
New -> New Surface 3D Plot commandCtrl-Alt-ZCreates a new 3D plot based on a function Z=f(X,Y).
Open commandCtrl-OOpens an existing SciDAVis project file.
Open Template command Opens an existing template SciDAVis project file.
Save Project commandCtrl-SSaves the current project.
Save as Template command Saves the current project as a template.
Import ASCII -> Single File... command Imports an ASCII file into one single table.
Import ASCII -> Multiple Files... command Imports an ASCII file into multiple tables.
Duplicate command Clonates the active window.
Print commandCtrl-PPrint the active window.
Project Explorer commandCtrl-EShow or hide the project explorer.
Results log command Show or hide the results window.