The Table Toolbar.

This toolbar allows a quick access to the commands of the Plot Menu used to plot the datas of the table.

Figure 4-4. The SciDAVis Table Toolbar

Table 4-4. Table toolbar commands.

plot -> Line plot with the line style.
plot -> Scatter plot with the scatter style.
plot -> Line+Symbol plot with the line+symbol style.
plot -> Columns plot with the columns style.
plot -> Rows plot with the rows style.
plot -> Area plot with the area style.
plot -> Pie plot with the pie style.
plot -> Statistical Graphs -> Histogram plot with the histogram style.
plot -> Vectors XYXY plot with the vector style.
plot -> Plot 3D -> Ribbons plot with the 3D ribbons style.
plot -> Bars plot with the 3D bars style.
plot -> Scatter plot with the 3D scatter style.
plot -> Plot 3D -> Trajectory plot with the trajectory style.
plot -> Add Column add a new column to the table
plot -> Statistics on Columns compute statistical parameters on selected columns
plot -> Statistics on Rows compute statistical parameters on selected row