Column Options

This dialog is activated by selecting the command Column Options... from the Table Menu. At least one column must be selected.

Figure 5-13. The Column Options... dialog.

The checkbox Enumerate all to the right can be used to build the name of all the columns which are at the right of the selected one. If the name of the selected column is "xyz", this column and the following ones will be renamed to "xyz1", "xyz2", and so on.

The buttons "<<" and ">>" are used to change the selected column. The highlighting of the column in the table behind the dialog box will change indicating that a new column was selected. The column to which the formatting commands are applied is the one whose name appear in the "Column Name" box.

The Plot Designation selector is used to define the columns which are used as X, Y or Z values or as error bars. In a table you can select several columns as X, in this case in the column label they will be indicated as [X1], [X2], etc... and their corresponding Y columns will be indicated as [Y1], [Y2], etc...