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DateScaleDraw Class Reference

#include <ScaleDraw.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DateScaleDraw (const QDate &t, const QString &format)
 DateScaleDraw (const ScaleDraw &other, const QDate &t, const QString &format)
QString format ()
QwtText label (double value) const
QString origin ()
 ~DateScaleDraw ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ScaleDraw
QString formulaString ()
void labelFormat (char &f, int &prec) const
 Return the number format for the major scale labels.
int labelNumericPrecision () const
int majorTicksStyle () const
int minorTicksStyle () const
 ScaleDraw (const QString &s=QString::null)
 ScaleDraw (const ScaleDraw &other, const QString &s=QString::null)
void setFormulaString (const QString &formula)
void setLabelFormat (char f, int prec)
 Set the number format for the major scale labels.
void setMajorTicksStyle (TicksStyle type)
void setMinorTicksStyle (TicksStyle type)
double transformValue (double value) const
virtual ~ScaleDraw ()

Private Attributes

QString t_format
QDate t_origin

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ScaleDraw
enum  TicksStyle { None = 0, Out = 1, Both = 2, In = 3 }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ScaleDraw
void drawTick (QPainter *p, double value, int len) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DateScaleDraw::DateScaleDraw ( const QDate &  t,
const QString &  format 
DateScaleDraw::DateScaleDraw ( const ScaleDraw other,
const QDate &  t,
const QString &  format 
DateScaleDraw::~DateScaleDraw ( )

Member Function Documentation

QString DateScaleDraw::format ( )

References t_format.

QwtText DateScaleDraw::label ( double  value) const

Reimplemented from ScaleDraw.

References t_format, and t_origin.

QString DateScaleDraw::origin ( )

References t_origin.

Member Data Documentation

QString DateScaleDraw::t_format

Referenced by format(), and label().

QDate DateScaleDraw::t_origin

Referenced by label(), and origin().

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