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QwtHistogram Class Reference

Histogram class. More...

#include <QwtHistogram.h>

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QwtBarCurve DataCurve PlotCurve

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Public Member Functions

bool autoBinning ()
double begin ()
double binSize ()
QwtDoubleRect boundingRect () const
void copy (const QwtHistogram *h)
double end ()
void initData (const QVector< double > &Y, int size)
virtual bool loadData ()
double maximum ()
double mean ()
double minimum ()
 QwtHistogram (Table *t, const char *name, int startRow, int endRow)
void setBinning (bool autoBin, double size, double begin, double end)
double standardDeviation ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from QwtBarCurve
void copy (const QwtBarCurve *b)
double dataOffset ()
int gap () const
int offset () const
BarStyle orientation ()
 QwtBarCurve (BarStyle style, Table *t, const QString &xColName, const char *name, int startRow, int endRow)
void setGap (int gap)
void setOffset (int offset)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DataCurve
void addErrorBars (DataCurve *c)
 Adds a single error bars curve to the list of attached error bars.
void clearErrorBars ()
 Clears the list of attached error bars.
QList< QVector< double > > convertData (const QList< Column * > &cols, const QList< int > &axes) const
 DataCurve (Table *t, const QString &xColName, const QString &name, int startRow=0, int endRow=-1)
int endRow ()
QList< DataCurve * > errorBarsList ()
 The list of attached error bars.
bool hasSelectedLabels ()
bool isFullRange ()
virtual QString plotAssociation ()
 A list of data sources for this curve.
void remove ()
void removeErrorBars (DataCurve *c)
 Remove a single error bars curve from the list of attached error bars.
void setFullRange ()
void setLabelsSelected (bool on=true)
void setRowRange (int startRow, int endRow)
void setVisible (bool on)
void setXColumnName (const QString &name)
void setYColumnName (const QString &name)
int startRow ()
Tabletable ()
int tableRow (int point)
 Returns the row index in the data source table corresponding to the data point index.
virtual void updateColumnNames (const QString &oldName, const QString &newName, bool updateTableName)
virtual bool updateData (Table *t, const QString &colName)
QString xColumnName ()
QString yColumnName ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PlotCurve
 PlotCurve (const QString &name=QString::null)
void setType (int t)
int type () const

Private Member Functions

void draw (QPainter *painter, const QwtScaleMap &xMap, const QwtScaleMap &yMap, int from, int to) const

Private Attributes

bool d_autoBin
double d_begin
double d_bin_size
double d_end
double d_max
double d_mean
 Variables storing statistical information.
double d_min
double d_standard_deviation

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QwtBarCurve
enum  BarStyle { Vertical = 0, Horizontal = 1 }

Detailed Description

Histogram class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QwtHistogram::QwtHistogram ( Table t,
const char *  name,
int  startRow,
int  endRow 

References d_autoBin.

Member Function Documentation

bool QwtHistogram::autoBinning ( )
double QwtHistogram::begin ( )
double QwtHistogram::binSize ( )
QwtDoubleRect QwtHistogram::boundingRect ( ) const

Reimplemented from QwtBarCurve.

void QwtHistogram::copy ( const QwtHistogram h)

References d_autoBin, d_begin, d_bin_size, and d_end.

Referenced by Graph::copy().

void QwtHistogram::draw ( QPainter *  painter,
const QwtScaleMap &  xMap,
const QwtScaleMap &  yMap,
int  from,
int  to 
) const

Reimplemented from QwtBarCurve.

References QwtBarCurve::gap(), and QwtBarCurve::offset().

double QwtHistogram::end ( )
void QwtHistogram::initData ( const QVector< double > &  Y,
int  size 
bool QwtHistogram::loadData ( )
double QwtHistogram::maximum ( )

References d_max.

Referenced by PlotDialog::showStatistics().

double QwtHistogram::mean ( )

References d_mean.

Referenced by PlotDialog::showStatistics().

double QwtHistogram::minimum ( )

References d_min.

Referenced by PlotDialog::showStatistics().

void QwtHistogram::setBinning ( bool  autoBin,
double  size,
double  begin,
double  end 
double QwtHistogram::standardDeviation ( )

Member Data Documentation

bool QwtHistogram::d_autoBin
double QwtHistogram::d_begin
double QwtHistogram::d_bin_size
double QwtHistogram::d_end

Referenced by copy(), end(), initData(), loadData(), and setBinning().

double QwtHistogram::d_max

Referenced by initData(), loadData(), and maximum().

double QwtHistogram::d_mean

Variables storing statistical information.

Referenced by initData(), loadData(), and mean().

double QwtHistogram::d_min

Referenced by initData(), loadData(), and minimum().

double QwtHistogram::d_standard_deviation

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