SciDAVis  1.D4
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CurveLayout Struct Reference

Structure containing curve layout parameters. More...

#include <Graph.h>

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Public Attributes

int aCol
 curve area color
int aStyle
 area filling style
int connectType
 symbol connection type
int fillCol
 symbol fill color
int filledArea
 flag: toggles area filling under curve
int lCol
 line color
int lStyle
 line style
int lWidth
 line width
int penWidth
 symbol outline width
int sSize
 symbol size
int sType
 symbol type (shape)
int symCol
 symbol outline color

Detailed Description

Structure containing curve layout parameters.

Member Data Documentation

int CurveLayout::aCol
int CurveLayout::aStyle
int CurveLayout::connectType
int CurveLayout::fillCol
int CurveLayout::filledArea
int CurveLayout::lCol
int CurveLayout::lStyle
int CurveLayout::lWidth
int CurveLayout::penWidth
int CurveLayout::sSize
int CurveLayout::sType
int CurveLayout::symCol

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