Historical Releases

0.1.0: Improved user interface and fixes to project file loading

Starting point was the QtiPlot codebase somewhere between 0.9-rc2 and 0.9 (Subversion revision 621, to be precise).

The goal of this release was to improve some aspects of the user interface so that prospective users and contributors can see where we’re going. Released 2007-08-05

Most important changes (since QtiPlot 0.9-rc2):

improved handling of custom decimal separators many improvements/additions to Python scripting improved user interface: restructured menus and tool bars, several restructured dialogs script window removed since notes offer the same capabilities more stable project loading/saving easier ASCII import/export, improved appending of projects and Origin graphs lots of small improvements and bug fixes export to eps and pdf without large white borders

0.2.0: Undo/redo for tables and matrices, UI improvements

Plans: Most notably for users, this release will feature multi-level undo/redo for changes to tables and matrices. Additionally, the options dialogs for tables and matrices will be integrated into their views (sub-windows) so they can be accessed faster. A complete rewrite of the table and matrix internals will speed up the execution of all related operations considerably. This also includes storing of numbers with full precision even if not all digits are shown.

Internally, from this release on SciDAVis will start using a new data storage architecture based on a column-based abstraction of a typed data source. The data will be separated from the GUI and the API to allow the insertion of undo/redo commands and generally improve code flexibility. It will also greatly faciliate improving the handling of dates/times in columns in the future. The new internal data structures are optimized to use less memory than those before which is very important to free some memory for the undo/redo framework.

Released 2009-02-14

Most important new features (since 0.1.4):

Russell Standish 2017-04-06