Why and How

SciDAVis lives from your contributions

This project is entirely run by means of voluntary contributions people make in their spare time. Since all project-related resources are hosted by free of charge and membership is also free, the only investment we make and we ask you to make if you're using SciDAVis is some time.

There's many good reasons for contributing, including:

Yes, yes, I'd like to -- but how?

There's many ways in which you can contribute, and only one or two of them require any programming knowledge. Depending on your skills and the amount of time you are willing to invest, you can provide help on the forum, improve or write documentation, report bugs, suggest features, translate SciDAVis into a new language or update an existing translation, package SciDAVis for your favorite distribution or platform, write new features, create artwork (icons, splash screen, mascot), etc., etc.

Some of the above require additional explanations to get you started. Please see the submenu to the left for available documents. We plan to expand these pages in the future, in order to better help you to help us. :-)

Russell Standish 2017-04-06