Add Arrow

This dialog allows to modify a line or an arrow which has been created by the command Draw Arrow from the Graph Menu or with Ctrl-Alt-A. One can also open it with a double click on an arrow or a line, or by selecting an arrow or a line and selecting Properties... with the right button of the mouse.

The first tab allows to change the color, the line type and the line width. This last parameter is set in pixels. It is possible to define a default style for all the new lines by pressing the Set Default button.

Figure 5-10. The Arrow options dialog: first tab

The Arrow head tab is used to modify the shape of the head of the arrow. The length is set in pixels and the angle is in degrees. It is also possible to define a default style for the arrow heads using the same Set Default button.

Figure 5-11. The Arrow options dialog: second tab

The Geometry tab allows to specify the start and end points of the line/arrow. The coordinates can be set as a function of the scales values displayed on the left axis (Y) and on the bottom axis (X) or in pixels, by choosing the desired method from the Unit pull-down list. The pixel coordinates are relative to the top-left corner of the layer which contains the line.

Figure 5-12. The Geometry dialog: third tab